2017 – The Results

2017 was a great year for mince pies! Supermarkets brought out a great a variety to tempt everyone. From Fantastic seasonal fruity pies, to chocolate and ginger mince pies, there was something for everyone to have a nibble on.

I reviewed a total of 40 products last year, 27 were mince pies. Of the 27 mince pies I reviewed last year, 22 were a pack of 6, the rest were 4pks. The average cost of a 6 pk was £1.71 and the average cost per pie was 29p.

  • 2 pies reviewed were vegan
  • 2 of the packs reviewed cost less than 90p
  • 4 packs scored 19 out of 20

Of the 4 top pies:

  • ALDI Salted Caramel and Chocolate Orange were the cheapest at 28 pence per pie
  • ASDA Extra Special Bakery 4pk pies were the best bakery pies
  • ALDI Sloe Gin tarts were the only pies that scored a 10 for taste, the value for money being the only thing that lost them the win

A less honourable mention, now. The most expensive pies were Heston’s Lemon & Spiced Mince Pies 4pk which cost 75p a pie and didn’t wow me.

ALDI standard pies and Sainsbury’s Free from both scored a 4 for taste, although both topped other stats, the former getting a 10 for value for money and the latter getting 5 additional points because they enable more people to enjoy mince pies and that means a lot to me!!

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