6 Mince pies, by BBF Limited

Good evening!

50p for 6 pies (8 pence per pie!)

A second batch of mince pies have graced my lips. I hope you enjoyed the catchy title!

I did a bit of digging about the company, and found that BBF stands for Bright Blue Foods who are (and i’m quoting from their own website here) “one of the UK’s leading ambient cake and chilled dessert manufacturers of retailer own label, licensed and branded cakes, supplying recognisable retailers across the UK and European market.”

I purchased these from Iceland, in favour of  their own brand pies on this occasion. Here’s the web entry on the Iceland website: Here

The box is well presented, with the well designed mince pie label looking like the tag on a present and the pies look have a simple, no frills star placed well on the lids.

The pastry on my pie had a good texture, which wasn’t too sweet or crumbly. whilst I masticated merrily, the pastry and mincemeat mixture in my mouth reminded me of eating crumble which I rarely encounter when eating a mince pie. I was pleasantly surprised.

The mincemeat had enough sweetness to make the pie rather enjoyable and the price is fantastic!

Taste (1 – 10) – 7/10 – A great tasting, no frills pie

Value for money (1 – 5) – 5/5

Total – 12/15

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