Tesco Finest 6 Spiced Rum Mince Pies

£2.00 a pack, or 33p a pie.

For my 4th mince pie, I’ve gone to Tesco.

I’ve reviewed a good deal of pies from Tesco, from their basic pastry pies, to pies for the person who wants to try something a bit different. Here’s a few of my favourites:

Tesco Finest Festive Pastry Tarts, 6 Pack

Tesco 6 Plum, Pear and Cinnamon Fruit Pies

Tesco Finest 6 All Butter Pastry Deep Filled Rhubarb & Stem Ginger Pies

Tesco Finest Spiced Plum Linzer Tarts

Here is Tesco’s info on the pies i’m reviewing: Tesco website – Finest 6 Spice Rum Pies

The box carries on the theme that is used for the other sweet Finest festive products, the wooden board and some sparkly star shapes. It doesn’t immediately shout ‘Christmas!’ to me but they’re going in their own direction, fair enough. The box contains your visual spectator panel, to enable you to choose the pack for you, the Finest pack.

Holding one of the pretty pies aloft, they have a well constructed lattice lid and a small amount of  “sweet dusting”. Sure, the pastry isn’t entirely spherical and the pastry overlap is larger on one side than the other, but I am looking forward to tasting the spiced Jamaican rum within the mincemeat.

A bite. The bottom of the pie contains quite thick pastry, but the pie walls have quite a good structure. With the second bite, the sweet, mildly alcoholic mincemeat comes through quite nicely, albeit it’s a little dry.  A lattice lid always leave a pie ‘open’ to being dry and this follows suit. The mincemeat contains some nice plump fruit which I enjoyed.

Taste (1 – 10) – 7/10 – a interesting, tasty pie

Value for money (1 – 5) – 3/5

Total – 10/15

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