4 Butter Enriched Puff Mince Pies, By Sainsbury’s

£1 for 4 pies or 25p each

For pie number 7, my wife suggested we go for puff. Puff pastry mince pies offer something completely different from shortcrust pastry and due to the light flakiness, you can often get a good filling to pastry ratio.

The pack that’s sat before me has seen better days. My wife allowed our two year old son to bring them into the house, knowing that he has the gentle touch of a rampaging elephant. I can make out the rough outline of the original product and the amount of granulated sugar on the top is encouraging. The pies weren’t the same colour on top, some were pale and others had a better, brown hue.

Puff pastry pies can present their own challenges. Sometimes the mincemeat oft becomes quite dry and other times you don’t get a good enough amount of filling. I’m hungry so i’m tucking straight in.

The pastry stands between you and fruity, wet mincemeat for mere moments, which is a welcome relief. One of the downsides is that they are very flaky, so please wear a bib or make sure you’re sat close to the table to avoid droppage.

These were very tasty and the pie was well filled.

Taste (1 – 10) – 7/10 – good mincemeat/pastry ratio

Value for money (1 – 5) – 4/5

Total – 11/15

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