Festive lunch ideas, by Sainsbury’s

Here’s some bonus content for you.

I’ve got two sandwiches and 1 roll to review. Let’s start with the quintessential festive sandwich, Turkey with pigs under blankets. This particular flavour combination has been available for a few weeks already in my local store.

It’s priced at £2.40, which is quite reasonable.

Sainsbury’s festive sandwiches and rolls are clearly identifiable from the standard range, by being deep red and the sandwiches contain a little illustration of a festive animal or figure who looks to be set within a snow globe. A snowman is represented here.

The window shows you a rather messy sandwich, but hopefully the elves were fired after this shift so that you will now find perfectly presented products in future.

You can see a layer of cranberry jelly/jam on one side of each sandwich and a layer of mayo on the accompanying piece of bread.

Overall, the bacon is as tasty as it normally is; I cook my bacon until it’s quite a bit crispier, but you rarely get bacon cooked to that level in a packaged sandwich which is understandable. The turkey is moist and tasty but the sausages were quite tasteless.



Ham and cheese fondue, with cornichons.

Yes this is a real sandwich.

 It costs £2.25 and certainly grabbed my attention more so than salmon and cream cheese (Which I do thoroughly enjoy, I just don’t consider it to be particularly festive or inventive) and so this was purchased without  a second thought for what it might taste like. I’m not sure if this is just for sale in larger stores, but my local didn’t have this.

A cheeky little (going to guess here) robin is the attraction within the snow globe-type illustration here. It even has a little bobble hat on and is perched on a present. What a cheeky Erithacus rubecula.

Visually, cheese fondue is one of the last things I can see, when peering into the ‘window’. Ham and cornichons  are very much present, which leads me to suggest I will mostly taste them.

But I want to be wrong.

I am not wrong here. The cheese fondue is a very thin layer and although it has a decent taste, it is lacking in volume. If I was enjoying a cheese fondue, the last thing I would be thinking would be, “I wonder if they can take away about 3/4 of the cheese, and give me too many cornichons and other dippy bits”. You are there to enjoy the delicious, gloopy cheese.

This could be improved and I hope I just happened to get the bad sandwich in this instance, otherwise, this should be called a cheese fondon’t. Yeah, I went there.


*Random fact: Using WordPress’ spell checker, it wanted me to change cornichons to unicorns. I nearly went along with the changes, but thought it might change the flow/truth of the review.

Last but not least…….  The big beef, £3.00.

I thought i’d let the pictures tell the story up to this point.

As the name suggests, this product is BIG and contains beef. It also contains cheese sauce, gravy mayonnaise, spinach (I didn’t read the full ingredients, but it looked like spinach) and a moist Yorkshire pudding all within a brioche- type bun. It is cleverly packaged to look like a burger and the name is very similar to burger I’ve enjoyed at a fast food chain, which is quite tasty. And big.

As you can see in the pictures, the way the beef and Yorkshire pud were arranged had made the whole thing a bit lopsided and sauce has saturated the bottom of the lower bun. It certainly doesn’t look like the photo on the side of the packaging.

An interesting concept, with flavours that work quite well. The beef was in good supply and for £3 you are getting a fair amount of food.


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