Tesco 6 Plum & Cinnamon Pies

£1.20 for 6 or 20p per pie.

I reviewed a very similar product last year, however the 2017 product also had pear in: Tesco 6 Plum, Pear and Cinnamon Fruit Pies

Tesco has this data available on their page for these pies: Tesco Website

The colours on the box are not too dissimilar to some mince pie box styles around currently. Deep reds, the inclusions of gold shades and in the background you could be forgiven for thinking the lights were that of a Christmas tree? The filling shown bursting from the pie in the picture looks juicy and inviting.

The tray is also red, carrying on the theme from the box.

The pies are neatly crimped and a uniform shape, while granulated sugar gives me a bit of a wink as I look from one to another. There isn’t any pattern on the pastry lids, but they are quite tidy.

Without further ado, I need to have a bite. The filling is like a smooth jam; tasty and moist. The filling is packed all the way to the top, so you don’t need to worry about the product being too heavy on the pastry or too dry.

The cinnamon taste comes through well, which I was worried about previously however it isn’t strong or overpowering. The product has a fruit crumble vibe, which is interesting but I would have liked to experience chunks of fruit, as the picture on the box suggests.


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