Festive lunch food, by Tesco

Number 1. Low calorie turkey dinner – £2.20


This sandwich was exactly what I expected. It was a smaller, thinner version of the standard Turkey sandwich that Tesco produce. As these sandwiches could be a treat for someone almost every day until the new year, having a reduced sandwich will probably appeal to more people, eager that the waistline doesn’t expand too much over Christmas.

The sandwich was tasty and the wafer thin turkey worked well. I could barely taste the mayo or the cranberry sauce, but hey, this all keeps the calories down, right?!


Number 2. Vegetable Christmas dinner – £2.50

Tesco’s website info

A vegetarian Christmas dinner, in a wrap you say? well I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. I enjoyed reading that it was hand wrapped, almost a festive double entendre.

what a gift.

I wasted no time in unWrapping this one. It had a soft consistency, and quite a bit of sweetness coming through from the (butternut squash I believe) but i felt it really lacked any texture to allow me to really enjoy it. Even some crispy onions could have helped.


Number 3. Boxing day – £2.30

Saving the best until last. It contains a brussel sprout slaw, amongst a ton of other ingredients! Honestly, there are things in this that I feel are unnecessary, but the overall taste was delicious.

The main ingredients were:

brussel sprout slaw, smoked formed ham, mayonnaise, roast reformed turkey breast, potato, cabbage & carrot fritters and cranberry sauce. The ingredients together taste good in the mouth, even if they don’t sound good on paper.

The part of this product that i found the most out of place, was the roll. It isn’t just a roll, it’s a roll flavoured with orange marmalade and orange oil.


If you are looking for something different, the brussel sprout slaw isn’t too different to a normal coleslaw and is shredded nice and finely.


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