ASDA Extra Special All-Butter Caramel Crumble Pies

£2 for 6 pies – 33.3p per pie.


Asda Website for these pies

On the hunt for some mince pies in Asda recently, I came across a festive looking box which didn’t contain any mincemeat. The box was advertising all butter caramel crumble pies and from the name alone,  I knew I had to review them (and by review, I mean buy them and eat them!).

When I pulled the tray out of the box the pies looked absolutely delicious, and I nearly gave myself a pat on the back for this purchase.  I found it quite difficult to get the pie out of the tray, finding pieces of crumble coming apart in my hands so I needed to dig under it to get it out.  Not what I’m used to!  But if they tasted fine then I would forgive them.

I was really looking forward to biting into this pie and finding luxurious caramel, which I did find but they weren’t particularly sweet which made them less enjoyable.

I found the crumble topping and the pastry all merged into one and all tasted quite similar. There was no stand out flavour which to me made the pie a bit boring. I imagine these pies would taste quite nice if they were warmed up and with some ice cream but other than looks I was quite disappointed.


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