Asda Extra special buttercream topped mince pies

£2 for 6 – or 33p a pie.

Wow, buttercream and mince pies, uniting to form a power combo. But is it too much?

I don’t believe I have tried these before but however I believe I’ve seen them on the shelves.  I do wonder the reason why I wouldn’t have purchased them before.  Perhaps I am a moron!  Anyway, I took a box off the shelf.  This box has the standard Extra special packaging design and with the plastic window you can see three smart looking pies with a gorgeous looking swirl of brandy butter cream.

Each of the six pies looked nice and neat and included a dusting of icing sugar around the edge.  A small amount of mince meat was giving me the eyes in the centre of the pies.  That’s my prize.

I worried that the butter cream might be sweet as you might expect on a cup cake however, my fears were allayed with my first bite.   The butter cream wasn’t too sweet and had a hint of saltiness  which i rather enjoyed and you could taste a suggestion of brandy.  The pastry held itself quite well and the mince meat was tasty and moist.

I found these pies to be a good edition to the mince pie range and are just another example of the diversity you can find out there.  Bravo!

Taste (1 – 10) – 8/10 – An interesting pie, the buttercream wasn’t overly sweet which I liked

Value for money (1 – 5) – 3/5

Total – 11/15

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