6 Irresistible Luxury Mince Pies, by Co-op

£2.00 for 6 pies, or 33p per pie.

The previous review can be found here: co-op 2017

The box has a delightful festive picture. All six pies accompanied by gold holly, ribbons and stars, not to forget a powdering of icing sugar. The person who served me was very friendly however when I got the pies out of the bag at home the three that you could see through the window of the box were smashed to smithereens.  I was heartbroken.  

Holding the pie aloft, the pies look quite neat (the ones that survived the short trip home).

My wife and I are both testing one of these for this review.

Rose: I found the pastry rather dry and when I finally tasted the mincemeat I thought it was claggy with a strong taste of brandy and not much else.  Rather disappointing.

Phil: I enjoyed my mince pie a bit more than Rose. I found the pastry held together well and there as a decent volume of mincemeat, which had a slightly sharp taste. This could be good if you didn’t just want overly sweet mincemeat. 

Value for money (1 – 5) – 3/5

Rose: Taste 4/10 ( Total – 7/15)

Phil: Taste 7/10 ( Total – 10/15)


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