Two festive sandwiches, by Waitrose

Waitrose festive sandwiches get reviewed today by Rose and myself.  They are:

Turkey Stuffing and Bacon Sandwich £2.40 (Waitrose have reduced the price)

First impressions, there looks to be a lot of turkey here, in big chunks, caressed by bacon and chutney.  Then there’s spinach.  What I found funny about the spinach is that it gets the last mention in the list of ingredients.  Why put it in the sandwich?  On second glance I can now see the stuffing which almost blends in with the bread in its beige glory.

Rose: The first taste that hits me when I take a bite out of this sandwich is the chutney.  It is lovely and flavoursome but not too overpowering.  Then the bacon hits which adds a lovely taste to the mix.  For me personally, I didn’t find the turkey or the spinach added anything to the sandwich but other peoples’ opinions may differ.  4/5

Phil: The cranberry, port and orange chutney is a great combination for the turkey and bacon.  The sandwich is very filling and I would happily eat again. 4/5

Pigs Under Blankets Sandwich £2.21 (as above)

On first glance for this sandwich this looks relatively neat.  I can see a liberal amount of cranberry sauce, mayonnaise, bacon and sausage and it looks scrumptious.  The flavour combination is tried and tested so I’m sure I’ll have no issue destroying it.

Rose:  I enjoyed the flavour combination of the sausage with the cranberry sauce.  A lovely festive sandwich.  4/5

Phil: I thought the bacon had a great taste to it.  You could tell it was good bacon.  But I thought there was too much cranberry sauce which made it too sweet and it was almost like a jam, bacon, sausage and mayo sandwich.  A smaller amount of cranberry sauce would have worked better in my opinion. 3/5

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