Tesco Finest all butter pastry mince pies

£2 for 6, or 33p each

Last year’s review can be found here:Tesco 2017 – Finest Mince Pies

If you Google Tesco Finest Mince pies, you get a really old thumbnail of the pies they used to sell possibly 3 years ago. That’s pretty poor, but at least the website has the correct packaging  when you click here: Tesco Website

I’ve tried these before, as well as the mini ones (because, research) and I find the mini version are awful, as the pastry doesn’t seem to be any thinner than they are on these. Last year these were a bit of a damp squib (FYI) so I hope they have improved. The packaging looks exactly the same, but has the pie?

In a bid to be impartial, I’ve chosen my pie at random. It looks EXACTLY like the other five, and I do like the snowflake design, which I’ve noticed, many more companies have used this year. My pie has some overhang on one side so this is one to look at from the top more than from the side.

First bite. Dry pastry fills my mouth more than anything else. Even the mincemeat is dry, leaving me with a great need to drink something – even eggnog to get my mouth a bit wetter. I jest, it isn’t so bad that i’d resort to eggnog.

The mincemeat is tasty and has a good kick of alcohol, but it’s just too dry and not jam like, it just tastes like it has been cooked too long.

Taste (1 – 10) – 5/10 – not particularly nice and too dry
Value for money (1 – 5) – 3/5
Total – 8/15

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