Mince Pie fudge, by Waitrose

£3 per 130g pack

Good evening and welcome to another review of festive food.

Another item that claims to be made with mince pie ingredients. Guess what? This fudge, just like the Mince Pie ice cream from ALDI, contains mincemeat and not the whole mince pie.

That grates on me a bit more than it probably should, but i’d still try it even if it was titled mincemeat fudge. Perhaps some members of public would/could believe the product contained actual meat? Perhaps.

The packaging is splendid. I love the design of the Christmas tree and for me, nowhere comes close to how well designed this is. You might feel differently, and I respect that.

The price of £3 is a bit high for the small anount you get, but if the quality is right, it might be justified.

The fudge is described as crumbly and is made in small batches, again giving some insight into the price.

A wonderful, heady scent bursts out when you open the plastic bag. As my wife put it, “it smells just like Christmas pudding”.

The fudge is wonderfully rich. It has a crumble but melts in the mouth well. You get the brandy kick too.

It’s rather moreish. My wife and I destroyed a bag of this in about 15 minutes.

You’ll need a bigger bag!


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