Festive Lunch ideas, by Co-op

I thought I’d pay the local Co-op a visit today. They normally provide good festive offerings and the selection looks good again this year.

The first item is a turkey feast sandwich. £2.95. The packaging is a nice burgundy red with white dots mimicking snow. On the bottom right of the packet there is a little note saying “we’re donating £50,000 to stop the traffik” which, on the side of the box explains £50,000 from the sale of selected Christmas food will go to help combat human trafficking. A nice touch.

This sandwich was £2.95 which was on the more expensive side but it does look a well filled sandwich with lots of turkey.

I find the sandwich to have quite a bland taste. The onion comes through more than it should and there wasn’t sufficient mayonnaise or cranberry sauce to make the sandwich less dry.


Two mini pork and cranberry pies. £1.25


There’s not much to say about this item that you can’t make out from the title, other than they look like standard pork pies, with poppy seeds on top. No flourish with pastry holly leaves or anything extra.

Like the tried and test combination of apple and pork, cranberry sauce works really well with the seasoned meat, adding a tasty addition to the pie. Nice to have as a snack, perhaps on boxing day?


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