Tesco Finest Spiced Plum Linzer Tarts

£2.50 for two pies

I noticed these for the first time last year. They were introduced after all the other mince pies had been out for a while. I must tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Each tart is a good size, 8cm across.

They have a dusting of icing sugar and a pastry star avec five points, so that’s a tick for presentation.

The filling is sweet and thick and jammy. The plum tastes a little sharp as it should, with the sweetness coming through and filling your mouth. The cinnamon flavour works well and isn’t overpowering.

I’ve not tried them with cream, but I would imagine they’d work incredibly well. Mine didn’t last long enough to get a bowl out, but I’m an animal.

If you find these, I suggest that you buy a pack.


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