Aldi 6 black forest crumble mince pies

Welcome to the first WordPress-blog-post of my 2019 mince pie review!!

I did the first on Facebook (search for Phil reviews mince pies) which were Sainsbury’s taste the difference pies.

This interesting mince pie variation will set you back £1.79, a shade under 30p per pie. A well priced pack of pies, if they’re good!

ALDI have continued this flavoured pie for the second successive year, where they replaced the chocolate orange type. I miss those, but also loved these. It’s a mixed feeling of festive elation and yuletide sadness.

Firstly, the pies are not exactly the same as last year’s. For the eagle eyed of you, last year the pies had a pastry lid, not a crumble one like these.

Secondly, these pies are 20p cheaper than last year, isn’t that fantastic? ALDI are seemingly always looking to lower our food bills with cheaper priced products.

The pies retain their chocolate pastry, but do look smaller than last year. I could just be more greedy than I was previously, or these are actually a tad smaller. If it’s the latter, the 20p saving seems to not matter as much.

As per usual, you need to be lucky to find these, much like a four leafed clover or a unicorn.

Lets eat!

The cherries, instead of the chocolate chips make the mincemeat quite sweet, however this is well balanced by the pastry and crumble top.

The lack of a lid does make the whole thing a bit flimsy, but because they are on the smaller side so you’ll only have that problem for mere moments as you devour it.

I did crave another pie immediately after the first, so I indulged.

Taste (1 – 10) – 8/10 – ALDI have made a small tasty pie here, but it might be too sweet for some.

Value for money (1 – 5) – 4/5

Total – 12/15

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