Mr Kipling 12 Variety Mince pies

Good evening!

For my third mince pie review, Mr Kipling gets the spotlight. Purchased from Tesco, £3.00 bought me 12 pies in three different flavours. We’re looking at 25 pence per pie.

The three pies included are:

  1. Brandy, Port & Cherry
  2. Cranberry & Orange
  3. Deep Filled (not a flavour as such) perhaps they should call it ‘the normal one’

There will be no confusion, as each flavour as their own pastry shape on the lid.

In recent years, I’ve not marked Mr Kipling particularly high, however I enjoy the fact you can choose the flavour you want just from the one box. On the subject of the box, there’s a wonderfully festive vibe and it’s well decorated.

Removing the pies from their snuggly cardboard cave, they are perfectly uniform, evenly tanned and equally devoid of a generous sugaring.

The holly leaf design tells me that my pie contains cranberry & orange mincemeat. The Christmas tree contains brandy, port and cherry. Then the normal one – the Snowflake.

The pastry for all three is quite thick and not overly sweet.

There is a slightly tangy, fruity kick to the cranberry & orange pie, but I couldn’t taste any different flavours to what i’d consider ‘normal’ mincemeat from the Brandy, port & cherry pie. The Deep filled mince pies were quite flavourless, and not particularly enjoyable.

Taste (1 – 10) – 4/10 – overall they were quite bland and there wasn’t enough mincemeat!

Value for money (1 – 5) – 4/5 – great value for money

Total – 8/15

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