Mr Kipling 6 Chocolate Orange whirls

And now for something completely different!

£1 for a pack.

Okay, so this isn’t a mince pie review. It’s a festive offering from Mr Kipling so it gets a blogging!

My wife picked these up today as I was purchasing some mince pies.

The colouring of the box confuses me as I thought this was a left over Halloween product, however, the decorated Christmas trees and snowflakes give a much more autumnal look.

The picture of the product on the box is really inviting so I’m looking forward to these.

A love the crumble of a Viennese whirl and these are not exception. The filling is tasty, but a bit bland really. The orange creme gives you the slightest hint of orange but I couldn’t really taste the chocolate sauce!

Overall, a tasty biscuit (or is it a cake?) But a bit bland. Good price though.


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