6 Almond Mince Tarts, by ALDI

Hello and welcome to another year of my mince pie reviews.

In 2019 I reviewed less than 10 mince pies, although the volume I consumed was much, much more. I had one of those moments whilst wearing my smoking jacket, sat in a high backed chair at my summer retreat. A fleeting moment where I considered stopping this blog.

“Noone reads it”, I said to myself, and “perhaps I could write some serious material” I also pondered.

It was at that moment that I spotted a woodlouse walking along my window ledge. Without warning, it fell off the windowledge and fell into one of my smart brogues. For some reason I laughed at this moment, probably more than I should have. I shot the pipe out of my mouth, sending hot ashes all over my dog, Shep. He bolted and ran headfirst into a solid oak door.

It was then that I decided I needed to stop worrying about being serious. My apologies if you thought I had a high backed chair.


Almond Mince tarts, from ALDI. I’ve tried many of these in previous years so I have a level that these need to hit.

Previous review: 6 All Butter Almond Mince Tarts, by ALDI

£2.49 for 6 tarts makes them 42 p per pie because there isn’t a half a penny any longer.

“They’re not very consistent in appearance” my wife immediately notices. I am in agreement with her there. These could look a bit neater on top, some have a beautiful lattice top, while some look as though they were dropped in the almond tub and clumsily removed with two 30cm rulers by “Jimmy”.

They’re nice and solid, so would probably heat up well and still look good and solid. The pastry is also nice and sweet.

They do have a wonderful aroma as well. A wonderful prospect, especially if this is your first mince ‘product’ of the year.

The mincemeat is delicious. almost fudgy, but by no means overly sweet. Definitely worth a go.

Taste (1 – 10) – 8/10

Value for money (1 – 5) – 3/5

Total – 11/15

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