ASDA 4 Extra Special Mince Pies

£1.79 for 4 deep pies, or about 45p per pie.

I’ve tried this particular type of pie for the past three years, and always enjoy coming across their little island, a short distance from the in house bakery.

No fuss (as per usual) has been made with the packaging. they are in a clear container, no wasted space, or additional cardboard.

With the box being clear, you can see from a distance that these are deep. Oh I enjoy a deep pie. As long as the pie is filled well with mincemeat and not fragrant air! I don’t much like paying for air.

So what happened when I removed the pie from its case?

So deep (not pictured)

It looked even deeper with no case on but as you’ll no doubt see from the picture I captured none of the depth of which I spoke earlier.

None of it. It might as well have been a naff drawing it looked so 2 dimensional.

Anyway. It had a sprinkle of icing sugar so I was wary not to inhale as I took my first bite.

Strong, not-too-sweet pastry greeted my teeth. And much mincemeat. There is a lot in this pie and it’s got a great, moist texture which complements the pastry. As I tumbled pastry and mincemeat around my mouth, it was a highly pleasurable experience.

I really appreciate the volume of mincemeat and speaking of which, it’s rather acidic but not too sharp for me. There’s a good balance.


Taste (1 – 10) –8/10 – Mincemeat Volume and good strong pastry make for a great pie

Value for money (1 – 5) – 3/5

Total – 11/15


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