Sainsbury’s Bakery Puff Pastry mince pies

£1 for four pies or 25p a pie.

This might be brief. Like the life of this pack o’ pies.

My wife requested a pack of puff pastry mince pies. I was on Sainsbury’s at the time and these were near the till. I obligingly bought them as they were a cool pound.

I brought them home and they were finished within two hours.

My wife loves a puff pastry mince pie and for good reason. She says they’re light and she’s not a fan of puff pastry particularly.

I love trying all different types, in the quest for that one pie, be it shortcrust or puff or something else!

These are a good eat, light on texture, well priced and go down the hatch quite quickly. The mincemeat was a touch too acidic.

Some would say they’re not really mince pies, but I just bought some mince pie gin liqueur, so who can truly say what is and isn’t nowadays?

Taste (1 – 10) – 6/10 – a great quick bite and for those who don’t want shortcrust
Value for money (1 – 5) – 4/5
Total – 10/15

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