6 Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Mince Pies

Good evening! I believe these were the first mince pies I ‘officially’ reviewed, back in the day. The first winners as well. Since then, many more mincemeat moments have crossed my lips and your eyes. But I always come back to Sainsbury’s for their mince pies. My wife loved these, pulling a satisfied face and … More 6 Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Mince Pies

6 ASDA Mince Pies

97p for 6, 16.2p a pie. Thank you Mr Chay Boare for the gift of these pies! You’re a star. My first box of mince pies, were given generously in October. Last year’s review can be found here: Asda 6 Mince Pies Asda’s basic pies are back and they’re still vegan friendly. Not something that many … More 6 ASDA Mince Pies