Why Mince Pies?

The first reason I started reviewing Mince Pies was because there weren’t that many reviews around for them and, secondly, I have yet to find a review site that shows you the pie, or the box together.

Supermarkets seem to advertise quite poorly for Mince Pies, not providing a picture when you’re browsing online, or removing the price if the product is out of stock. Some Supermarkets enrage me by providing NO information on some of the pies they were selling. I believe I have, in some way, tried to make up for their festive inadequacies.

I hope the following gives you an insight into my feelings towards these beautiful creations:

When the clocks go back and the nights draw in, I like to surround myself with pastry and sweet mincemeat… figuratively speaking that is.

Many of you won’t have a clue why I am doing this, but I’ll explain. I’m a mince pie fiend. I can’t think of many festive foods that get me Christmassy like a pastry blanket caressing the ultimate darkest heaven!

Over the eight remaining weeks from now until Christmas, I shall search moderate distances in my quest for the best mince pie on offer. I will try to capture the feeling I experience so that perhaps you can make a more informed choice when choosing the pie for your festive occasions.

Last year I had a brilliant response to my posts as well as people sending me pies. This year I would gladly welcome any donations.

I already have pie number one lined up for later this evening and am salivating.

**if you hate mince pies, this might not be for you. I hope you read this purely to make you a little happier, knowing I’m indoors and cannot hurt anyone.